Indexation benefits available on debt mutual funds make them more tax efficient than FDs

One of the things that makes debt funds attractive is their tax efficiency. Long-term capital gains (LTCG) earned on debt mutual funds are eligible for indexation benefits before they are taxed. What is indexation benefit and how is it calculated? ISTOCKLTCG IN DEBT FUNDS Mutual funds provide returns in the form of dividends and capital […]

You should keep increasing your savings rate every year

I am 49 years old and have been investing ₹5,000 each in Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip, L&T India Value, IDFC Focused Equity, L&T Emerging Business and Motilal Oswal 35 funds since August 2017. My investment horizon is 10 years. Should I continue investing in these funds? I STOCK—Dewang Goyal You are currently investing ₹25,000 per[…..]


My jaw dropped as I stared at the ₹25,000 invoice. “Babu, how can a water leak cost so much to fix?” I asked incredulously. My plumber’s response vexed me more. “Madam, the material cost is only ₹3,000. The remaining amount is my labour charge.” My eyes bored into him as I awaited further explanation. He[…..]