You can bequeath undivided share in father’s HUF by executing a Will

My father passed away in 2014. His HUF is the owner of our home. My mother, one married sister, one widowed sister and I are in Delhi. Now I desire that our home should be in my name for ease of succession. Also, another real estate asset lies in the name of my HUF. Can […]

Interest earned on EPF balance post retirement is taxable

Typically, all salaried individuals contribute at least 12% of their salary to the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) account, and their employer matches the contribution. Employees can even voluntarily contribute up to 100% of their salary to EPF, but employers are mandatorily required to only match up to 12%. The contributions made to EPF then compounds[…..]

All-equity investment too aggressive for investment horizon of 3-5 years

I have monthly systematic investment plans (SIPs) of up to ₹36,000 for the last two years—₹8,000 in DSP Tax Saver, ₹7,000 in Franklin India Tax Shield, ₹5,000 in ICICI Prudential Long Term Equity, ₹5,500 in ICICI Prudential Value Discovery, ₹2,000 in Franklin India Focused Equity, ₹2,000 in Franklin India Equity, ₹1,500 in Franklin Smaller Companies,[…..]

Most Indians in middle-, high-income groups save for retirement, says report Zoom Bookmark Share

With no significant social security provisions such as a state-sponsored pension, most Indians in the middle- and high-income groups seem to be saving up for their retirement on their own. A recent report by Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement, titled The New Social Contract: A Blueprint for Retirement in the 21st Century, said India[…..]