Moneycentric was established by Mr. MM Arora who became qualified Chartered Accountant in the year 1984.  It is a Multifaceted Services establishment which covers the overall financial health from birth and beyond of an individual or an organization.  The services range from inculcating financial discipline in terms of finance planning, tax planning, retirement planning and then goes to estate planning by advising various vehicles with which the wealth can be passed on to the loved ones keeping in view the smooth inheritance covering the tax effective ways of doing the same.   It is professionally Competent to render all the services.

The specialized/ Experts are available for 24/7 advice and guidance.  From birth and beyond the finance planning and  implementation and on going, hand holding guidance and support is available under one roof.  Various aspects of financial health are dealt by experts of their respective domains and at a very economical cost keeping in view the best use of  resources and  risk bearing capacity.

At Moneycentric, the team consists of distinguished chartered accountants, corporate financial advisors and tax consultants and attorneys. The firm represents a combination of specialized skills, which are geared to offers sound financials advice and personalized proactive services. Those associated with the firm have regular interaction with industry and other professionals which enables Moneycentric to keep pace with contemporary developments and to meet the needs of its clients.

Our Policy:

We have a stated policy of ensuring high quality services. This we achieve by bringing the experienced hands with updated knowledge and skills.

Our Aim:

We aim at  not only satisfying our client’s needs but to give a  delighted experience to our Clients.